Bishop requests site to be taken down

The Save the Cathedral Coalition was informed of a homily on 8/25/19, where a letter from Bishop Milan was read at the Cathedral. The Bishop stated (through the letter) that he was going to have additional meetings at the Cathedral, St. Mary’s, St. Nicholas and Holy Spirit. The letter requested that this site be taken down as it contained “inaccurate information.”

In full transparency, the Save the Cathedral Coalition was never directly contacted by the Bishop to discuss this site. The only recent correspondence we have received was in a response to our attorney’s letter with mandates and that response is posted on this site. Even now, we have to guess as to what was actually said to us via a letter read in a homily.

We live in the United States and are protected by the 1st Amendment which protects our freedom of religion and the freedom of speech. We have requested a copy of the letter that was read as we are reasonable people and will respond to any claims of inaccurate information. We welcome an open dialog with Bishop Milan. However, to our knowledge, the content of this site is accurate and will remain. Opinions of those who have posted to the site express strong feelings and emotions. That does not make them inaccurate. If anything, they are extremely accurate and this site is a voice for those opinions.

Our requests for a copy of the letter read in the homily have not been answered. If we do receive a copy of this letter, we will post it and respond. Again, we welcome an open dialogue in a Christian, civil manner. As stated on this site, we are not vindictive or against the Bishop. We will protect our church, its legacy, parishioners and future.

Open communication including representation is key!

Save the Cathedral, Save the Eparchy

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