Eparchial Turnover High Since Bishop Milan- Yet there is a “Priest Shortage”

In the wake of Bishop Milan, the following is a list of clergy and their status.  We find that it is very odd that as parishes are closed or merged,  parishioners are being told there is a “shortage of priests.”

Fr. Batcha – removed from Chancery, transferred from Holy Spirit in Parma, OH to Michigan parish.
Fr. Nick Rachford, Lorain, retired.
Fr. Jim Kubachack, Oregon, retired.
Fr. David Hannes, Michigan, retired
Fr. Mike Hayduk, Parma, retired.
Fr. Bob Kelly, Marblehead, retired (now using to fill in holes).
Fr. John Kachuba, Fairview Park, retired.
Fr. Nathan Adams, Parma, on loan to Phoenix Eparchy.
Fr. Jan CIzmar, left our Church for the Orthodox.
Fr. Andre, Bedford, left due to theft in office, now arrested and in jail.
Fr. Andrew Nagrant instructed to be hospital chaplain (now covering two western OH parishes).
Deacon Robert Kirchner, left our Church for the Orthodox.
Subdeacon Phil Dinsmore, Detroit, still waiting to be ordained a deacon.
Subdeacon Bryan Scotton, not part of our eparchy now.
Subdeacon Michael Kunis still waiting to be ordained a priest.
Deacon Miron Kerul-Kmec Jr still waiting to be ordained a priest.

The deacon program has been dismantled. Vocations for the diaconate waiting in uncertainty.  No more married candidates being accepted for priesthood.  New regulations for priest and deacon make it much harder to get vocations.

Fr. Kachuba replaced as Protocycellus.

Fr. Hayduk, Fr. Batcha, Fr. Lee, Fr.  Kachuba and Fr. Adams, all replaced with priests from Slovakia or Eastern Europe.



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