How you can help

At this time, the most important way you can help is to write letters to:

Archbishop George Gallaro
Oriental Congregation in Rome 
His email address is  and  

Write/Email the Archbishop:
Archbishop William C. Skurla, D.D.
66 Riverview Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15214
phone: 412-231-4000
fax: 412-231-1697

Complete a mandate form.
If you are a current parishioner of the Cathedral, Holy Spirit or you have left the church (because of various reasons) and would like a voice, please complete the mandate form which allows our canon lawyer to represent you. There is no financial obligation tied to signing the mandate form. Please email your signed mandate form to or contact us and we will be happy to send you one via U.S. mail.

Send Emails to the Presbyteral Council in support of the Cleveland Area Ruthenian Byzantine Merger Alliance. In many circumstances, the Bishop must consult the presbyteral council before making any suppression decisions or decrees. A document which describes this process is available in the documents section of this site or available here.

A list of the members of the Presbyteral Council (from the Eparchy’s website) with email addresses (from on-line sources) is shown below:

Very Rev. Bruce Riebe —
Very Rev. Mychail Rozmarynowycz —
Rev. Andrew Summerson (Midwest Protopresbyterate) –
Very Rev. James Batcha –
Rev. Jan Cizmar –
Rev. Cyril Farmer –
Rev. Miron Kerul Kmec –
Rev. Michael Lee –
Very Rev. Thomas Loya –
Rev. Charles Strebler, JCL –
Very Rev. Archpriest Marek Visnovsky-
Rev. Joseph Weber –

Contribute to the legal expenses of the Cleveland Area Ruthenian Byzantine Merger Alliance.
Email us at and we will let you know how to contribute to our efforts.

Join our coalition and volunteer your time to our efforts. We are establishing committees and need your help! Email us at