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Glory to Jesus Christ!

Concerned Parishioners (and recently former parishioners)  of the Byzantine Catholic Eparchy of Parma, including the churches of Holy Spirit, the Cathedral and St. Mary’s:

Attached is a mandate for your review that enables our efforts to have a voice and petition the recent Decree to merge Parishes.  Our group has retained the services of Fr. Alexander Laschuk, as our canonical advocate. Fr. Laschuk is a Byzantine Catholic priest, canon lawyer and professor.

We ask that the Decree be rescinded based on the aggressive timeline during a pandemic, lack of full disclosure, unwillingness to discuss alternatives, misinformation and many other factors. We understand that a merger may need to occur.  However, fair and unbiased representation is needed from all parishes involved. Many believe there is a better solution.

Please review the document.  If you wish to participate, please sign it and email back if you able to.  If you are not able to facilitate this, please send an email to and we will be happy to pick up the signed document from you, as soon as possible.

The second attached document is a form which you can have notarized, if possible, which basically confirms in front of a notary that you signed the mandate.  This is not required, but is preferred.  If you cannot get it notarized, that is ok, please send the signed mandate.

The time to act is now as a deadline of 7 days will rapidly approach. Participation will not cost you monetarily.  Although donations to the cause will be accepted.

The easiest way to submit-
1) Download mandate
2) Print it out
3) Sign and date it
4) Grab your Iphone or Droid and install a free app called CAMSCANNER
5) Open CAMSCANNER and take a picture of the mandate
6) Save it as a PDF and email to

We invite you to visit our forum and voice your opinions and ideas as well.

Thank you,

Catholic Cleveland Area Ruthenian Byzantine Merger Alliance


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